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  • Master’s Seminar: Critique + Pro Brainstorming Sessions

    Co-Hosted by Eric Paulos, Frauke Behrendt, and Marc Davis. 3 hours, $40. Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12. This workshop is limited to 8 participants, by application only. Workshop location TBA. All levels — no special skills are required. Have you made a mobile or locative media project of your own? Perhaps you’re a Masters student in interaction […]

  • Workshops

    All workshops at Mobile Art && Code are 3 hours long (with the exception of the Scrapyard Challenge, which is 6 hours). The complete schedule of workshops can be found here. Attendance in most workshops is limited. Our workshops have minimum suggested skill levels, according to the following: All levels! No special skills are required. […]

  • Eric Paulos

    Co-Host, Master’s Seminar: Critique + Pro Brainstorming Sessions – Eric’s web site Eric Paulos is the Director of the Living Environments Lab and an Assistant Professor in the Carnegie Mellon Human-Computer Interaction Institute, with a secondary faculty appointment in CMU’s Robotics Institute. Previously he was Senior Research Scientist at Intel Research in Berkeley, California […]

  • Marc Davis

    Keynote Speaker and Co-Host, Master’s Seminar: Critique + Pro Brainstorming Sessions – Marc’s new company Marc Davis, visionary technologist and inventor, is a founding partner of Invention Arts. With a distinguished career of technology research and development at the MIT Media Lab, Interval Research, UC Berkeley, and Yahoo!, Marc’s thought leadership has articulated—often over […]

  • Frauke Behrendt

    Co-Host, Master’s Seminar: Critique + Pro Brainstorming Sessions – Frauke’s blog – Frauke’s CV Frauke Behrendt is a researcher, historian and critical theorist interested in the role of sound in the areas of interactive art, locative media and mobile technology. She studies the increasing number of artists experimenting with mobile phones as means […]